In this chapter Joshua is assured, though Jericho was closely shut up,
it should be delivered into his hands, \\#Jos 6:1,2\\; and he is directed,
with the army, to go round the city six days together, seven priests
bearing the ark of the Lord, with seven trumpets sounding; and on the
seventh day to go round it seven times in like manner, when its wall
should fall, \\#Jos 6:3-5\\; which order Joshua communicated to the
priests, and to the people, and which was put into execution by them,
with some other instructions he gave them, \\#Jos 6:6-16\\; particularly
that the city, and all in it, should be devoted to the Lord, and none
spared, but Rahab and her family, \\#Jos 6:17-19\\; the success was
according to the assurance given by the Lord, \\#Jos 6:20\\; when all in
the city were destroyed, and that was burnt with fire, and the gold,
silver, brass, and iron, brought into the house of the Lord, and Rahab
and her father's household were saved alive, \\#Jos 6:21-25\\; and the
chapter is closed with an adjuration of Joshua, cursing the man that
should rebuild the city; and with this observation, that the fame of
Joshua upon this was spread abroad throughout the country,
\\#Jos 6:26,27\\.