Matthew 28:3

Matthew 28:3

His countenance was like lightning
There was such a lustre and brightness in his face, that it glittered like lightning: such a description is in ( Daniel 10:6 ) ,

and his raiment white as snow:
the word "white" is left out in the Vulgate Latin, and in Munster's Hebrew Gospel: the angel appeared clad in white, as a token of the purity and innocence of his nature; and because of the victory and triumph of Christ over death and the grave; and that he might be known and taken by the women for a good angel, it being a commonly received notion of the Jews, that ministering angels were clothed in white F2.

``Said R. Ame to R. Levi, show me the Persians; he said to him, they are like to the mighty men of the house of David: show me the Chaberin, (another nation near the Persians,) they are like to destroying angels: show me the Ishmaelites, they are like to devils of the house of Hacsa: show me the disciples of the wise men in Babylon, they are like to the ministering angels.''

Upon which the gloss says,

``"to the devils", because they are clothed in black, and are like to devils; to "the ministering angels", (Mynbl) (yvwbl) , "they are clothed in white", and veiled like the ministering angels; as it is written in ( Ezekiel 9:2 ) , "and the man was clothed with linen": and it is said F3 of R. Judah, that he was veiled, and sat in fine linen fringed, and was like to an angel of the Lord of hosts: and elsewhere F4 it is said, who are the ministering angels? the Rabbins: and why are they called ministering angels? because they are fringed, as the ministering angels, in beautiful garments.''


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