Numbers 11:11

Numbers 11:11

And Moses said unto the Lord, wherefore hast thou afflicted
thy servant?
&c.] Or "done evil" F13 to him, that which was distressing to him, and gave him trouble; namely, setting him at the head of the people of Israel, and laying the government of them on his shoulders; which surely was doing him honour, though that is not to be expected without care and trouble; Moses does not seem to be in a good frame of spirit throughout the whole of this discourse with the Lord: the best of men are not always alike in their frames, and sometimes act contrary to that for which they are the most eminent, as Moses was for his, meekness and humility:

and wherefore have I not found favour in thy sight;
he had found much favour in the sight of God, to have so many wonderful things done by him in Egypt, to be the instrument of the deliverance of Israel from thence, to be the leader of them through the Red sea, to be taken up to the mount with God, and receive the law from him to give to that people; but the favour he complains of that was denied him, is, his not being excused, when he desired it, from taking on him the office he was called unto, of being the deliverer and ruler of the people, ( Exodus 4:10-13 ) ;

that thou layest the burden of all this people upon me?
with respect to matters heavier and more difficult; for as to lighter and lesser things, be was assisted and relieved by the officers placed over the various divisions of the people at the advice of Jethro, ( Exodus 18:21 Exodus 18:22 ) ; government is a burdensome thing, and especially when a people are prone to mutiny and rebellion, as the people of Israel were.


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