Numbers 21:32

Numbers 21:32

And Moses sent to spy out Jaazer
Or Jazer, as it is called in ( Isaiah 16:9 ) ( Jeremiah 48:32 ) , another city that belonged to the Amorites, and which they had taken from the Moabites; and which came into the hands of the latter again, after the captivity of the ten tribes, as appears from the above places; according to Jerom F19, it was fifteen miles distant from Heshbon:

and they took the villages thereof;
not the spies, as Jarchi, but the Israelites under Moses; who upon the return of the spies, and the report they made, marched towards it, and took it, and all the towns and villages round about it; for it seems to have been a principal city:

and drove out the Amorites that were there;
that dwelt there, and were in possession of it; otherwise they would not have attacked it, had it, and its villages, been in the hands of the Moabites.


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