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Psalms 109:27

Psalms 109:27

That they may know that this is thy hand
Which inflicted vengeance, and executed judgments on Judas and the Jews, as before imprecated: so the Targum,

``that they may know that this is thy stroke;''

or which was concerned in all the sorrows and sufferings of the Messiah, which could never have come upon him had it not been the will of God; it was his hand and council that determined it, or men could never have effected it; see ( Acts 4:28 ) ( John 19:11 ) , or which wrought deliverance and salvation as before prayed for; see ( Psalms 118:21-23 ) .

That thou, Lord, hast done it:
one or other, or all the above things; the finger of God was to be seen in them; particularly in the sufferings of Christ, and in his exaltation; see ( Acts 2:23 ) ( 5:31 ) .

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