Psalms 112:10

Psalms 112:10

The wicked shall see it
The glory and happiness of the upright man: so when the witnesses shall ascend to heaven, a phrase expressive of a more glorious state of the church, their enemies shall behold them, ( Revelation 11:12 ) .

And be grieved;
at their happiness, and grudge it: the Targum is,

``and shall be angry at him;''

the upright man.

He shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away;
like snow water F18; or as a snail melteth, or as wax before the fire, ( Psalms 58:7 Psalms 58:8 ) ( 68:2 ) , shall pine away with grief and envy at the happiness and prosperity of the righteous; the wicked will weep and gnash their teeth, when they shall see them in the kingdom of heaven, and they themselves shut out, ( Luke 13:28 ) . The desire of the wicked shall perish; they shall not have their desire, neither of good things for themselves here and hereafter, nor of evil things for the righteous.


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