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Psalms 22:2

Psalms 22:2

O my God, I cry in the daytime
In the time of his suffering on the cross, which was in the daytime:

but thou hearest me not;
and yet he was always heard, ( John 11:41 John 11:42 ) ; though he was not saved from dying, yet he was quickly delivered from the power of death, and so was heard in that he feared, ( Hebrews 5:7 ) ;

and in the night season:
in the night in which he was in the garden, sorrowing and praying, the night in which he was betrayed and was apprehended; and though the natural desires of his human soul were not heard and answered, that the cup might pass from him, yet his prayer in submission to the will of God was: moreover, the daytime and night season may design the incessant and continual prayer of Christ; he prayed always, night and day:

and am not silent;
but continue to pray, though as yet seemingly not heard and answered; or there is "no silence to me" F23; that is, no rest from sorrow and pain; or "no likeness to me" F24, there are none like me, no sorrow like my sorrow, as in ( Lamentations 1:12 ) .


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