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Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7:1-27 . The subject continued, by a delineation of the arts of strange women, as a caution to the unwary.

13-15. The preparations for a feast do not necessarily imply peculiar religious professions. The offerer retained part of the victim for a feast ( Leviticus 3:9 , &c.). This feast she professes was prepared for him whom she boldly addresses as one sought specially to partake of it.

16, 17. my bed--or, "couch," adorned in the costliest manner.

17. bed--a place for sleeping.

18-20. There is no fear of discovery.

20. the day appointed--perhaps, literally, "a full moon," that is, a fortnight's time (compare Proverbs 7:19 ).

21. caused . . . yield--or, "inclines."
flattering--(Compare Proverbs 5:3 ).
forced him--by persuasion overcoming his scruples.

22. straightway--quickly, either as ignorant of danger, or incapable of resistance.

23. Till--He is now caught ( Proverbs 6:26 ).

24. The inferential admonition is followed ( Proverbs 7:26 Proverbs 7:27 ), by a more general allegation of the evils of this vice.

26, 27. Even the mightiest fail to resist her deathly allurements.

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