The situation of Sarepta.

Pliny: "From Tyre is Sarepta and Ornithon, certain towns so called: Sidon where glass is made, and from whence sprang the Boeotian Thebes."

Borchard: "About three very short leagues from Tyre, the river Eleutherus runs into the sea: about two leagues from that river is Sarepta: about two leagues from Sarepta is Sidon. Sarepta, at this time, doth not consist of above eight houses, though the ruins do still say it was once a brave town."

Some would have Zarephath signify as much as a place of melting; from boiling and melting metals, but especially glass.

"Between Acon and Tyre there is a shore all spread over with little hillocks of sand; that bears a glassy sand: the glass indeed is not cast here, but being carried to Sidon, there it is made fusile," &c.