Hippo. Susithat.

You may suppose, upon good grounds, that Hippo is the same with Susitha in the Talmudists, from the very signification of the word. Inquire. Of it there is this mention:--

"R. Joshua Ben Levi saith, It is written, And Jephthah fled from the face of his brethren, and dwelt in the land of Tobh...which is Susitha." If you would render it in Greek, it is Hippene.

This city was replenished with Gentiles, but not a few Jews mixed with them. Hence is that, "If two witnesses come out of a city, the major part whereof consists of Gentiles, as Susitha," &c. And after a few lines, "R. Immai circumcised from the testimony of women, who said the sun was upon Susitha." For it was not lawful to circumcise, but in the day-time.

Hippo was distant from Tiberias thirty furlongs only.

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