Not far from Tiberias and Chammath was Magdala. You may learn their neighbourhood hence:--

"If a man have two floors, one in Magdala and another in Tiberias,--he may remove his fruits from that in Magdala, to be eaten in that of Tiberias."

"R. Simeon Ben Jochai, by reason of certain shambles in the streets of Tiberias, was forced to purify that place. And whosoever travelled by Magdala might hear the voice of a scribe, saying, Behold! Bar Jochai purifies Tiberias."

"A certain old shepherd came, and said before Rabbi, I remember the men of Magdala going up to Chammath, and walking through all Chammath" (on the sabbath), "and coming as far as the outmost street, as far as the bridge. Therefore Rabbi permitted the men of Magdala to go into Chammath, and to go through all Chammath, and to proceed as far as the farthermost street, as far as the bridge."

Josephus hath these words of Magdala; "King Agrippa sends forces and a captain into Magdala itself to destroy the garrison." We meet with frequent mention of the Rabbins, or scholars, of Magdala:--

"R. Judan of Magdala."

"R. Isaac of Magdala."

"R. Gorion saith, The men of Magdala asked R. Simeon Ben Lachish," &c.

It is sometimes called 'Magdala of Gadara,' because it was beyond Jordan.

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