The Book of Genesis

Alexander Maclaren

The Vision of Creation

How Sin Came In

Eden Lost and Restored

The Growth and Power of Sin

What Crouches at the Door

With, Before, After

The Course and Crown of a Devout Life

The Saint among Sinners

Clear Shining After Rain

The Sign for Man and the Remembrancer for God

An Example of Faith

Abram and the Life of Faith

Going Forth

The Man of Faith

Life in Canaan

The Importance of a Choice

Abram the Hebrew

God's Covenant with Abram

The Word that Scatters Fear

Faith and Righteousness

Waiting Faith Rewarded and Strengthened by New Revelations

A Petulant Wish

Because of His Importunity

The Intercourse of God and His Friend

The Swift Destroyer

Faith Tested and Crowned

The Crowning Test and Triumph of Faith


Guidance in the Way

The Death of Abraham

A Bad Bargain

Pottage Versus Birthright

The First Apostle of Peace at Any Price

The Heavenly Pathway and the Earthly Heart

Mahanaim: The Two Camps

The Twofold Wrestle—God's with Jacob and Jacob's

A Forgotten Vow

The Trials and Visions of Devout Youth

Man's Passions and God's Purpose

Goodness in a Dungeon

Joseph, the Prime Minister

Recognition and Reconciliation

Joseph, the Pardoner and Preserver

Growth by Transplanting

Two Retrospects of One Life

The Hands of the Mighty God of Jacob

The Shepherd, the Stone of Israel

A Calm Evening, promising a Bright Morning (Genesis

Joseph's Faith

A Cob fin in Egypt