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Hebrews 1

SUMMARY.--The Message Spoken by the Son. The Glory of the Son. His Superiority to the Angels.

      13, 14. Sit thou on my right hand. Quoted from Ps. 110:1 . Make thy enemies thy footstool. The custom is alluded to of putting the feet on the necks of conquered enemies. See Joshua 10:24 Joshua 10:25 . This passage is applied to Christ in Acts 2:35 Acts 2:1 and in 1 Cor. 15:25 . 14. Are they not all ministering spirits? The real office of the angels is indicated. It is to give service in working out the plans of God for the salvation of the elect. The passage does not teach that each heir of salvation has a guardian angel, but that the angels do service in working out the Divine plans in behalf of the saved.

      The work of angels can be learned in the Scriptures from the missions in which they are engaged. It is to aid in carrying out the plans of God for the government and salvation of our race. Under the rule of Christ they are his ministers to aid in the work of redeeming man. For examples of their work, see Genesis 19:1-26 Genesis 19:2 2 Kings 19:35 Acts 12:23 Jude 6 Acts 10:1-8 Matt. 18:10 Acts 5:19 , etc. Christ is Lord; they are servants.

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