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Hebrews 2

SUMMARY.--The Danger of Neglecting the Great Salvation; the Salvation Offered by Christ. The Superiority of Christ to the Angels Further Shown. Christ, the Divine Man, Put Over All Things. Fitted to be Our Savior by Taking upon Himself Humanity; and by Suffering. Hence, He Took Not the Nature of Angels, But Became the Seed of Abraham. He, a Tempted and Suffering Savior, Can Succor Us Who Suffer and Are Tempted.

      13-15. And again. A quotation is now given from Isa. 8:17 , in which the Messiah is represented associating himself with the saints as all children of God. The point is that Christ makes himself the brother of the saved. Isaiah 8:17 Isaiah 8:18 are quoted in order to give this point clearly. 14. He himself likewise. As these children are all mortal he, though divine, took on himself our mortality. He did this, that through death he might bring to nought the power of him who first brought death on our race. It was needful that he be clothed with mortality in order to die, and needful to die in order to deliver men from the power of sin and give them a glorious hope. 15. That he might deliver them. Not only from sin, which gives death its sting, but from all fear of death by giving the hope of a blessed life to come.

      16-18. He took not the nature. He did not lay hold of an angel form in order to save angels, but the human form and nature, in order to be our Savior. He chose to be the seed of Abraham, being the Son of Mary, a descendant of Abraham. 17. It behoved him to be made like his brethren. Hence, for the reasons given above, it was necessary that he take our nature. A merciful and faithful high priest. To be our high priest he must be in full sympathy with us, having experienced our trials and our sufferings. To make propitiation. As our high priest he made atonement for us. Conscious of all our frailties he intercedes for us. In him, the Divine man, all who are found in him are justified before God. 18. In that he suffered, he is able to sympathize with all who suffer and to succor all who have trials and need help.

      These two chapters show that Christ is higher than the angels, and hence that the gospel is superior in its demands to the Law. They show that to Christ as the Son of Man, subjected to death, and glorified, all things have been subjected; that he becomes a brother to the saints, and that he took our nature, suffered and tasted death, in order that he might become a faithful and merciful high priest, touched with a feeling of our infirmities, able to make atonement for us, and to come to us with an Elder Brother's help in every time of need.

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