PLUS Resource: 6 Prayers for When You Are Fighting Anxiety

Luke 21

SUMMARY.--The Widow's Mites. The Question Concerning the Overthrow of the Temple. The Woes Coming Upon the Jewish Nation Foretold. The Signs That Shall Precede the Last Day.

      34-36. Take heed to yourselves. The words here, but not the ideas, are peculiar to Luke. See notes on Matt. 24:37-51.

      37. Lodged in the mount . . . of Olives. At Bethany, I suppose, on the eastern slope, until the night he was betrayed. See Matt. 21:17 .

      38. All the people came. All the accounts indicate the intense interest shown by the people in his teachings during this last week. The Lord taught in the temple by day, but spent the nights at Bethany or on the Mount of Olives.

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