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Luke 3

SUMMARY.--John's Preaching and Baptism. John's Witness of Christ. Herod and Herodias. Jesus Baptized. The Anointing and the Voice from Heaven. The Genealogy of Christ.

      12. Publicans. The gatherers of the Roman tax.

      14. And the soldiers. Whether these were Jews or Romans cannot be ascertained. It is not improbable that, as Judea was a Roman province, they were Jews or Jewish proselytes in the service of Herod Antipas or Philip, and so were really in the Roman service.

      19, 20. But Herod the tetrarch. See notes on Matt. 14:1-12; also Mark 6:14-18 .

      21, 22. Jesus also being baptized. See notes on Matt. 3:13-17; also Mark 1:9-11 .

      23-38. The Genealogy. For a comparison of the genealogies given by Matthew and Luke, see notes on Matt. 1:1-17. In those notes I have followed Godet, Van Oosterzee, and others in the view that Luke gives the line of Mary, and therefore the line of Christ. Jesus was only supposed to be the son of Joseph, but was the son (that is, descendant, grandson) of Heli, the father of Mary.

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