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Romans 16

SUMMARY.--The Bearer of the Letter Commended. The Church Asked to Give Her Aid in the Work that Calls Her to Rome. Greetings for Old Friends and Fellow-Laborers. A Household Church. Warned Against Divisions. Farewell Benediction.

      17-20. Mark them which cause divisions. Judaizing, or other false teachers, who disturbed the Gentile churches by urging them to keep the law of Moses, or by teaching some heresy. Read the Epistle to the Galatians. They were not to listen to them, and were to avoid them. 18. Serve not our Lord Jesus Christ. These men, like many other false teachers, were more devoted to their own appetites than to Christ. The simple. The unsuspecting. 19. For your obedience is come abroad. Your reputation as good Christians is so well known that you ought not to be deceived by these false teachers. 20. The God of peace shall bruise Satan. Shall give you the victory.

      21-23. Timothy. We learn from Acts 20:4 , that Timothy was with Paul at this time. He joins with other companions of Paul in greetings. Lucius. Possibly, "Lucius of Cyrene" ( Acts 13:1 ). Jason. Possibly the one named in Acts 17:5 . Sosipater. The same name as Sopater. See Acts 20:4 . Kinsmen. Countrymen; Jews. 22. I, Tertius. Otherwise unknown. Paul dictated the letter, and Tertius acted as scribe. 23. Gaius, mine host. Paul baptized a Gaius at Corinth ( 1 Cor. 1:14 ). The name occurs several times. He was noted for his hospitality. Erastus the chamberlain. The city treasurer, hence a man of high position. The name occurs in Acts 19:22 Acts 19:2 and in 2 Tim. 4:20 .

      24-27. The grace of our Lord. At the close of his greetings, Paul adds his benediction. He had already given it in verse 20 . It is now written with his own hand ( 2 Thess. 3:17 ). He also adds a doxology, which makes a noble conclusion. 25. To him. They are commended to God. According to the revelation of the mystery. The mystery of the gospel, and especially of the salvation of the Gentiles. See Rom. 11:25 . A mystery is a divine purpose that had been kept secret. When God's glorious purpose was revealed, the mystery was made known. 26. This mystery now is made manifest. The apostles were engaged in declaring this mystery to the world. 27. To God only wise. The source of all wisdom.

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