3.2.1. Whole World

The whole world consists of the sea which the four beasts rise out of [#2-#8] (Dan. Dan. 7:3) and the earth or land from which the four kings [#3-#8] (Dan. Dan. 7:17) and the False Prophet [#3-#18] (Rev. Rev. 13:11+) arise. The Harlot “who sits on many waters” (Rev. Rev. 17:17+) is supported, in some sense, by the “peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues” upon which she sits [#2-#21] (Rev. Rev. 17:15+).1 The False Prophet causes the whole world to make an image of the beast [#1-#19] (Rev. Rev. 13:14+). The terrible beast is said to devour the whole earth [#12-#1] (Dan. Dan. 7:23) and the beast is given authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation [#16-#1] (Rev. Rev. 13:7+). See Symbols of Kingdoms.


1 We have denoted this relationship as between the sea and the Harlot, but that which she sits upon is called “many waters” (Rev. Rev. 17:1+, Rev. 17:15+) rather than “sea.” Perhaps a subset of the sea is meant.