12.1.1. A Virgin and a Harlot

In contrast to The Great Harlot of Revelation Rev. 17:1+ who embodies the very origins of harlotry and blasphemy (also stretching back in history), as the deliverer of the redeemer she represents the development of God’s ultimate solution to the problem of the Harlot. A comparison of this woman with The Great Harlot is instructive:

Two Women Compared
Woman with Sun and MoonWoman who Rides the Beast
Clothed with the sun (Rev. Rev. 12:1+). Clothed with purple and scarlet (Rev. Rev. 17:4+).
A virgin (Isa. Isa. 7:14; Mtt. Mat. 1:25; Luke Luke 1:34-35). A fornicator (Rev. Rev. 17:4+).
In pain (Rev. Rev. 12:2+). At ease, drunk (Rev. Rev. 17:4+, Rev. 17:6+; Rev. 18:7+).
Stands (Rev. Rev. 12:1+). Sits (Rev. Rev. 17:3+, Rev. 17:9+, Rev. 17:15+).
Supported by moon (Rev. Rev. 12:1+). Supported by beast (Rev. Rev. 17:3+).
Head crowned (Rev. Rev. 12:1+). Head marked as harlot (Rev. Rev. 17:5+).
Persecuted by dragon (Rev. Rev. 12:4+, Rev. 12:13+). Rides beast empowered by dragon (Rev. Rev. 13:1-4+; Rev. 17:3+).
Flees to wilderness (Rev. Rev. 12:6+, Rev. 12:14+). Seen from the wilderness (Rev. Rev. 17:3+).
Associated with Jerusalem (Rev. Rev. 12:5+ cf. Rev. Rev. 11:8+). Associated with Babylon (Rev. Rev. 17:5+, Rev. 17:18+).