Revelation 5:11

Revelation 5:11
living creatures
See commentary on Revelation 4:6.

In favor of the view that the elders are the redeemed, they are distinguished from angels both here and in Revelation Rev. 7:11+. See commentary on Revelation 4:4.

ten thousand times ten thousand
μυριάδες μυριάδων [myriades myriadōn] , myriads of myriads, a countless multitude. A similar phrase describes the demonic horsemen, δισμυριάδες μυριάδων [dismyriades myriadōn] , two myriads of myriads. Assuming demons are fallen angels, and only one-third of the angels fell (Rev. Rev. 12:4+), then the total number of the elect angels is truly staggering, essentially innumerable (Job Job 25:3; Ps. Ps. 68:17; Dan. Dan. 7:10; Mtt. Mat. 26:53; Luke Luke 2:13-14; Heb. Heb. 12:22).
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