1 Corinthians 11:7

The image and glory of God (eikwn kai doxa qeou). Anarthrous substantives, but definite. Reference to Genesis 1:28 ; 2:26 whereby man is made directly in the image (eikwn) of God. It is the moral likeness of God, not any bodily resemblance. Ellicott notes that man is the glory (doxa) of God as the crown of creation and as endowed with sovereignty like God himself. The glory of the man (doxa andro). Anarthrous also, man's glory. In Ge 2:26 the LXX has anqrwpo (Greek word for both male and female), not anhr (male) as here. But the woman (gunh) was formed from the man (anhr) and this priority of the male (verse Genesis 8 ) gives a certain superiority to the male. On the other hand, it is equally logical to argue that woman is the crown and climax of all creation, being the last.