1 Corinthians 4:4

For I know nothing against myself (ouden gar emautwi sunoida). Not a statement of fact, but an hypothesis to show the unreliability of mere complacent self-satisfaction. Note the use of sunoida (second perfect active indicative with dative (disadvantage) of the reflexive pronoun) for guilty knowledge against oneself (cf. Acts 5:2 ; Acts 12:12 ; Acts 14:6 ). Yet (all). Adversative use of alla. Am I not hereby justified (ouk en toutwi dedikaiwmai). Perfect passive indicative of state of completion. Failure to be conscious of one's own sins does not mean that one is innocent. Most prisoners plead "not guilty." Who is the judge of the steward of the mysteries of God? It is the Lord "that judgeth me" (o anakrinwn me). Probably, who examines me and then passes on my fidelity (pisto in verse Acts 2 ).