1 Corinthians 4:5

Wherefore (wste). As in Acts 3:21 which see. Judge nothing (mh ti krinete). Stop passing judgment, stop criticizing as they were doing. See the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:1 . The censorious habit was ruining the Corinthian Church. Before the time (pro kairou). The day of the Lord in Matthew 3:13 . "Do not therefore anticipate the great judgment (krisi) by any preliminary investigation (anakrisi) which must be futile and incomplete" (Lightfoot). Until the Lord come (ew an elqh o kurio). Common idiom of ew and the aorist subjunctive with or without an for a future event. Simple futurity, but held forth as a glorious hope, the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus as Judge. Who will both bring to light (o kai pwtisei). Future indicative of this late verb (in papyri also) from pw (light), to turn the light on the hidden things of darkness. And make manifest (kai panerwsei). (Ionic and late) causative verb panerow from panero. By turning on the light the counsels of all hearts stand revealed. His praise (o epaino). The praise (note article) due him from God ( Romans 2:29 ) will come to each then (tote) and not till then. Meanwhile Paul will carry on and wait for the praise from God.