1 John 2:20

Anointing (crisma). Old word for result (mat) and for the material, from criw, to anoint, perhaps suggested by the use of anticristoi in verse 2 Corinthians 18 . Christians are "anointed ones," cristoi in this sense, with which compare Psalms 105:15 : "Touch not my anointed ones" (mh apshsqe twn cristwn mou). These antichrists posed as the equals of or even superior to Christ himself. But followers of Christ do have "the oil of anointing" (to elaion tou crismato, Exodus 29:7 ), the Holy Spirit. This word in the N.T. only here and verse 1 John 2:27 . Later the term was applied to baptism after baptismal remission came to be taught (Tertullian, etc.). From the Holy One (apo tou agiou). They receive this anointing of the Holy Spirit from the Anointed One, Jesus Christ (the Holy One). Cf. John 6:69 ; Acts 3:14 . And ye know all things (kai oidate panta). But the best MSS. read pante rather than panta, "Ye all know it." This anointing is open to all Christians, not just a select few.