1 John 2:7

Beloved (agaphtoi). First instance of this favourite form of address in these Epistles ( John 3:2 John 3:21 ; John 4:1 John 4:7 ; 3 John 1 2 5 11 ). No new commandment (ouk entolhn kainhn). Not novel or new in kind (kainhn as distinct from neo, new in time, for which distinction see Luke 5:33-38 ). But an old commandment (all entolhn palaian). Ancient as opposed both to kaino and neo. The Mosaic law taught love for one's neighbours and Christ taught love even of enemies. Which ye had (hn eicete). Imperfect active, reaching back to the beginning of their Christian lives (ap arch). They had heard it expressly from Jesus ( John 13:34 ), who, however, calls it "a new commandment."