1 John 3:12

Of the evil one (ek tou ponhrou). Ablative case and the same for neuter and masculine singular, but verse Romans 10 makes it clear that the reference is to the devil. Slew (espaxen). First aorist active indicative of spazw, old verb, to slay, to butcher, to cut the throat (Latin jugulare) like an ox in the shambles, in N.T. only here and Rev. ( Revelation 5:6 Revelation 5:9 Revelation 5:12 , etc.). Wherefore? (carin tino;). "For the sake of what?" Post-positive preposition ( Ephesians 3:1 Ephesians 3:14 ) except here. The interpretation of the act of Cain ( Genesis 4:8 ) is an addition to the narrative, but in accord with Hebrews 11:4 . Jealousy led to murder.