1 Peter 2:6

It is contained (periecei). Present active (here intransitive, to contain, only N.T. example) of periecw, old verb, to surround, transitive in Luke 5:9 to seize (only other N.T. example). The formula with periecei is in Josephus (Ant. XI. 7). This Scripture (en graph) is Isaiah 28:16 with some changes. Peter had in verse 1 Peter 2:4 already quoted eklekton and entimon. Now note akrogwniaion (a chief corner stone), a word apparently invented by Isaiah (from akro, highest, and gwniaio, Attic word for corner stone). Paul in Ephesians 2:20 uses the same word, making Christ the chief corner stone (the only other N.T. example). In Isaiah the metaphor is rather a foundation stone. Peter and Paul make it "the primary foundation stone at the structure" (W. W. Lloyd). On him (ep autwi). That is, "on it" (this corner stone, that is, Christ). Shall not be put to shame (ou mh kataiscunqh). Strong negatives ou mh with first aorist passive subjunctive of kataiscunw, old verb, to put to shame ( Romans 5:5 ).