1 Peter 2:7

The preciousness (h timh). Or "the honour." Explanation of entimon and ou mh kataiscunqh and only true "for you which believe" (toi pisteuousin ethical dative of articular present active participle of pisteuw to believe). But for such as disbelieve (apistousin de). Dative present active participle again of apistew, opposite of pisteuw ( Luke 24:11 ). Was made the head of the corner (egenhqh ei kepalhn gwnia). This verse is from Psalms 118:22 with evident allusion to Isaiah 28:16 (kepalhn gwnia=akrogwniaion). See Matthew 21:42 ; Mark 12:10 ; Luke 20:17 , where Jesus himself quotes Psalms 118:22 and applies the rejection of the stone by the builders (oi oikodomounte, the experts) to the Sanhedrin's conduct toward him. Peter quoted it also (and applied it as Jesus had done) in his speech at the Beautiful Gate ( Acts 4:11 ). Here he quotes it again to the same purpose.