1 Timothy 1:13

Before (to proteron). Accusative of general reference of the articular comparative, "as to the former-time," formerly, as in Galatians 4:13 . Though I was (onta). Concessive participle agreeing with me. Blasphemer (blasphmon). Old word either from blax (stupid) and phmh, speech, or from blaptw, to injure. Rare in N.T. but Paul uses blasphmew, to blaspheme in Romans 2:24 . Persecutor (diwkth). So far found only here. Probably made by Paul from diwkw, which he knew well enough ( Acts 22:4 Acts 22:7 ; Acts 26:14 ; Galatians 1:13 Galatians 1:23 ; Philippians 3:6 ; 2 Timothy 3:12 ). Injurious (ubristhn). Substantive, not adjective, "an insolent man." Old word from ubrizw, in N.T. only here and Romans 1:30 . I obtained mercy (elehqhn). First aorist passive indicative of eleew, old verb. See 2 Corinthians 4:1 ; Romans 11:30 . Ignorantly (agnown). Present active participle of agnoew, "not knowing." Old verb ( Romans 2:4 ). In a blindness of heart. In unbelief (en apistiai). See Romans 11:20 Romans 11:25 .