1 Timothy 3:6

Not a novice (mh neoputon). Our "neophyte." Vernacular word from Aristophanes on, in LXX, and in papyri in the original sense of "newly-planted" (neo, puw). Only here in N.T. Lest (ina mh). "That not." Being puffed up (tupwqei). First aorist passive participle of tupow, old word (from tupo, smoke, pride), to raise a smoke or mist (a smoke-screen of pride). In N.T. only here; Acts 6:4 ; 2 Timothy 3:4 . He fall into (empesh ei). Second aorist active subjunctive with ina mh, negative purpose, of empiptw, old verb, to fall into. Note both en and ei as in Matthew 12:11 ; Luke 10:36 . The condemnation of the devil (krima tou diabolou). See Romans 3:8 for krima. Best to take tou diabolou as objective genitive, though subjective in verse 1 Timothy 3:7 , "the condemnation passed on or received by the devil" (not just "the slanderer," any slanderer).