1 Timothy 4:15

Be diligent in these things (tauta meleta). Old verb from meleth (care, practice), present active imperative, "keep on practising these things." In N.T. only here and Acts 4:25 . Give thyself wholly to them (en toutoi isqi). Present imperative second person singular of eimi, "keep on in these things." Note five uses of en in verse Acts 12 and three datives in verse Acts 14 . Plutarch (Pomp. 656 B) says Caesar was en toutoi ("in these things"). It is like our "up to his ears" in work (in media re) and sticking to his task. Thy progress (sou h prokoph). Koin word from prokoptw, to cut forward, to blaze the way, in N.T. only here and Philippians 1:12 Philippians 1:25 . Paul's concern (purpose, ina and present subjunctive h of eimi) is that Timothy's "progress" may be "manifest to all." It is inspiring to see a young preacher grow for then the church will grow with him.