1 Timothy 5:9

Let none be enrolled as a widow (chra katalegesqw). Present passive imperative of katalegw, old verb, to set down in an official list, only here in N.T. "Let a widow be enrolled," the negative coming later, "having become of no less than sixty years" (mh elatton etwn exhkonta gegonuia). Second perfect active participle of ginomai. For the case of etwn, see Luke 2:42 . This list of genuine widows (verses 1 Timothy 5:3 1 Timothy 5:5 ) apparently had some kind of church work to do (care for the sick, the orphans, etc.). The wife of one man (eno andro gunh). Widows on this list must not be married a second time. This interpretation is not so clear for 1 Timothy 3:2 1 Timothy 3:12 ; Titus 1:6 .