1 Timothy 6:4

He is puffed up (tetupwtai). Perfect passive indicative of tupow, for which see Titus 3:6 . Knowing nothing (mhden epistameno). Present middle participle of epistamai. Ignorance is a frequent companion of conceit. Doting (noswn). Present active participle of nosew, to be sick, to be morbid over, old word, only here in N.T. Disputes of words (logomacia). Our "logomachy." From logomacew ( 2 Timothy 2:14 ), and that from logo and macomai, to fight over words, late and rare word, here only in N.T. See Plato (Tim. 1085 F) for "wars in words" (maca en logoi). Whereof (ex wn). "From which things." Surmisings (uponoiai). Old word from uponoew, to surmise, to suspect ( Acts 25:18 ), only here in N.T. All these words are akin (envy, pqono, strife, eri, railings or slanders, blasphmiai), all products of an ignorant and conceited mind.