1 Timothy 6:5

Wranglings (diaparatribai). Late and rare (Clem. of Alex.) double compound (dia, mutual or thorough, paratribai, irritations or rubbings alongside). "Mutual irritations" (Field). Corrupted in mind (diepqarmenwn ton noun). Perfect passive participle of diapqeirw, to corrupt, genitive case agreeing with anqrwpwn (of men) and retaining the accusative ton noun. Bereft of the truth (apesterhmenwn th alhqeia). Perfect passive participle of aposterew, old verb ( 1 Corinthians 6:8 ) with the ablative case after it (alhqeia). A way of gain (porismon). Late word from porizw, to provide, to gain. Only here in N.T. "Rich Christians." Predicate accusative with einai (indirect assertion) in apposition with eusebeian, the accusative of general reference.