2 Corinthians 10:6

Being in readiness (en etoimwi econte). This very idiom occurs in Polybius, Philo, etc. "Holding in readiness." In Romans 12:14 we have etoimw ecw for the same idea (adverb etoimw). Disobedience (parakohn). Rare word (Plato, papyri) hearing amiss (aside), failing to hear, refusing to heed (cf. Matthew 18:17 for same idea in parakouw). In N.T. only here; Romans 5:19 ; Hebrews 2:2 . In contrast with upakoh (obedience) rather than the common apeiqia ( Romans 11:30 Romans 11:32 ). When your obedience shall be fulfilled (otan plhrwqh umwn h upakoh). Indefinite temporal clause with otan and first aorist passive subjunctive. Paul expects that the whole church will become obedient to Christ's will soon as came true.