2 Corinthians 2:4

Anguish (sunoch). Ablative case after ek (out of). Old word from sunecw, to hold together. So contraction of heart (Cicero, contractio animi), a spiritual angina pectoris. In N.T. only here and Luke 21:25 . With many tears (dia pollwn dakruwn). He dictated that letter "through tears" (accompanied by tears). Paul was a man of heart. He writes to the Philippians with weeping (klaiwn) over the enemies of the Cross of Christ ( Philippians 3:18 ). He twice mentions his tears in his speech at Miletus ( Acts 20:19-31 ). But that ye might know the love (alla thn agaphn ina gnwte). Proleptic position of agaphn and ingressive second aorist active subjunctive gnwte, come to know.