2 Corinthians 5:14

The love of Christ (h agaph tou Cristou). Subjective genitive, Christ's love for Paul as shown by verse Mark 15 . Constraineth us (sunecei hma). Old and common verb, to hold together, to press the ears together ( Acts 7:57 ), to press on every side ( Luke 8:45 ), to hold fast ( Luke 22:63 ), to hold oneself to ( Acts 18:5 ), to be pressed (passive, Luke 12:50 ; Philippians 1:23 ). So here Paul's conception of Christ's love for him holds him together to his task whatever men think or say. Judging this (krinanta touto). Having reached this conclusion, ever since his conversion ( Galatians 1:17 ). One died for all (ei uper pantwn apeqanen). This is the central tenet in Paul's theology and Christology. Huper (over) here is used in the sense of substitution as in John 11:50 ; Galatians 3:13 , death in behalf so that the rest will not have to die. This use of uper is common in the papyri (Robertson, Grammar, p. 631). In fact, uper in this sense is more usual in Greek than anti, pro or any other preposition. Therefore all died (ara oi pante apeqanon). Logical conclusion (ara, corresponding), the one died for the all and so the all died when he did, all the spiritual death possible for those for whom Christ died. This is Paul's gospel, clear-cut, our hope today.