2 Corinthians 9:13

Seeing that they glorify God (doxazonte ton qeon). Anacoluthon again. The nominative participle used independently like ploutizomenoi in verse Philippians 11 . Obedience (upotagh). Late and rare word from upotassw, to subject, middle to obey. Only in Paul in N.T. Of your confession (th omologia umwn). Old word from omologew (omologo, omou, legw), to say together. It is either to profess (Latin profiteor, to declare openly) or to confess (Latin confiteor, to declare fully, to say the same thing as another). Both confess and profess are used to translate the verb and each idea is present in the substantive. Only the context can decide. Actions speak louder than words. The brethren in Jerusalem will know by this collection that Gentiles make as good Christians as Jews. For the liberality of your contribution (aplothti th koinwnia). This is the point that matters just now. Paul drives it home. On this use of koinwnia see on Philippians 8:4 .