2 Peter 1:14

The putting off of my tabernacle (h apoqesi tou skhnnwmato mou). For apoqesi see on "1Pe 3:21" and for skhnwma verse 2 Timothy 13 . For the metaphor see 2 Corinthians 5:3 . Cometh swiftly (tacinh estin). Late adjective (Theocritus, LXX, inscription), in N.T. only here and 2 Corinthians 2:1 . It is not clear whether tacino means soon or speedy as in Isaiah 59:7 and like tacu in James 1:19 , or sudden, like tacu in Plato (Republ. 553 D). Either sense agrees with the urgent tone of Peter here, whether he felt his death to be near or violent or both. Signified unto me (edhlwsen moi). First aorist active indicative of dhlow, old verb (from delo), as in 1 Peter 1:11 . Peter refers to the incident told in John 21:18 , which he knew by personal experience before John wrote it down.