2 Peter 2:7

And delivered (kai erusato). First aorist middle of ruomai as in Matthew 6:13 , still part of the protasis with ei. Righteous Lot (dikaion Lot). This adjective dikaio occurs three times in verses Matthew 7 8 . See Wisdom 10:6. Sore distressed (kataponoumenon). Present passive participle of kataponew, late and common verb, to work down, to exhaust with labor, to distress, in N.T. only here and Acts 7:24 . By the lascivious life of the wicked (upo th twn aqesmwn en aselgeiai anastroph). "By the life in lasciviousness of the lawless." Aqesmo (alpha privative and qesmo), late and common adjective (cf. aqemito 1 Peter 4:3 ) for rebels against law (of nature and conscience here). Anastroph is frequent in I Peter.