2 Peter 2:8

For (gar). Parenthetical explanation in verse 1 Peter 8 of the remark about Lot. Dwelling (enkatoikwn). Present active participle of enkatoikew, old but rare double compound, here only in N.T. In seeing and hearing (blemmati kai akoh). "By sight (instrumental case of blemma, old word, from blepw to see, here only in N.T.) and hearing" (instrumental case of akoh from akouw, to hear, common as Matthew 13:14 ). From day to day (hmeran ex hmera). "Day in day out." Accusative of time and ablative with ex. Same idiom in Psalms 96:2 for the more common ex hmera ei hmeran. Vexed (ebasanizen). Imperfect active (kept on vexing) of basanizw, old word, to test metals, to torment ( Matthew 8:29 ). With their lawless deeds (anomoi ergoi). Instrumental case of cause, "because of their lawless (contrary to law) deeds." For anomo see 2 Thessalonians 2:8 .