2 Peter 3:7

That now are (nun). "The now heavens" over against "the then world" (o tote kosmo verse Hebrews 6 ). By the same word (twi autwi logwi). Instrumental case again referring to logwi in verse Hebrews 6 . Have been stored up (teqhsaurismenoi eisin). Perfect passive indicative of qhsaurizw, for which verb see Matthew 6:19 ; Luke 12:21 . For fire (puri). Dative case of pur, not with fire (instrumental case). The destruction of the world by fire is here pictured as in Joel 2:30 ; Psalms 50:3 . Being reserved (throumenoi). Present passive participle of threw, for which see Psalms 2:4 . Against (ei). Unto. As in Psalms 2:4 Psalms 2:9 and see 1 Peter 1:4 for the inheritance reserved for the saints of God.