2 Peter 3:9

Is not slack concerning his promise (ou bradunei th epaggelia). Ablative case epaggelia after bradunei (present active indicative of bradunw, from bradu, slow), old verb, to be slow in, to fall short of (like leipetai sopia in James 1:5 ), here and 1 Timothy 3:15 only in N.T. Slackness (braduthta). Old substantive from bradu ( James 1:19 ), here only in N.T. God is not impotent nor unwilling to execute his promise. To youward (ei uma). Pro rather than ei after makroqumei in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 and epi in James 5:7 , etc. Not wishing (mh boulomeno). Present middle participle of boulomai. Some will perish (verse James 7 ), but that is not God's desire. Any (tina). Rather than "some" (tine) above. Accusative with the infinitive apolesqai (second aorist middle of apollumi. God wishes "all" (panta) to come (cwrhsai first aorist active infinitive of cwrew, old verb, to make room). See Acts 17:30 ; Romans 11:32 ; 1 Timothy 2:4 ; Hebrews 2:9 for God's provision of grace for all who will repent.