2 Thessalonians 2:9

Whose coming is (ou estin h parousia). Refers to on in verse Isaiah 8 . The Antichrist has his parousia also. Deissmann (Light from the Ancient East, pp. 374, 378) notes an inscription at Epidaurus in which "Asclepius manifested his Parousia." Antiochus Epiphanes is called the manifest god (III Macc. 5:35). So the two Epiphanies coincide. Lying wonders (terasin pseudou). "In wonders of a lie." Note here the three words for the miracles of Christ ( Hebrews 2:4 ), power (dunami), signs (shmeia), wonders (terata), but all according to the working of Satan (kata energeian tou Satana, the energy of Satan) just as Jesus had foretold ( Matthew 24:24 ), wonders that would almost lead astray the very elect.