2 Timothy 4:6

I am already being offered (hdh spendomai). Present (progressive) passive indicative of spendw, old verb, to pour out a libation or drink offering. In N.T. only here and Philippians 2:17 . "What was then a possibility is now a certainty" (Parry). The sacrifice of Paul's life-blood has begun. Of my departure (th analusew mou). Our very word "analysis." Old word from analuw, to loosen up or back, to unloose. Only here in N.T., though analusai for death is used by Paul in Philippians 1:23 which see for the metaphor. Is come (epesthken). Perfect active indicative of episthmi (intransitive use). See 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ; Luke 21:34 . The hour has struck. The time has come.