2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight (ton kalon agwna hgwnismai). Perfect middle indicative of agwnizomai, a favourite figure with Paul ( 1 Corinthians 9:25 ; Colossians 1:29 ), with the cognate accusative agwna ( Philippians 1:27 Philippians 1:30 , etc.). The "fight" is the athletic contest of his struggle for Christ. I have finished the course (ton dromon teteleka). Perfect active indicative of telew. He had used this metaphor also of himself to the elders at Ephesus ( Acts 20:24 ). Then the "course" was ahead of him. Now it is behind him. I have kept the faith (thn pistin tethrhka). Perfect active indicative again of threw. Paul has not deserted. He has kept faith with Christ. For this phrase, see Revelation 14:12 . Deissmann (Light, etc., p. 309) gives inscriptions in Ephesus of a man who says: "I have kept faith" (thn pistin ethrhsa) and another of a man of whom it is said: "He fought three fights, and twice was crowned."