3 John 1:14

I hope (elpizw) --We shall speak (lalhsomen). Literary plural really singular like elpizw. Face to face (stoma pro stoma). As in 2 John 1:12 . Peace to thee (eirhnh soi). Pax tibi like the Jewish greeting shalm ( Luke 10:5 ; Luke 24:36 ; John 20:19 John 20:21 ). The friends (oi piloi). Those in Ephesus. By name (kat onoma). John knew the friends in the church (at Pergamum or wherever it was) as the good shepherd calls his sheep by name ( John 10:3 , the only other N.T. example of kat onoma). The idiom is common in the papyri letters (Deissmann, Light, etc., p. 193, note 21).