Acts 11:21

The hand of the Lord was with them (hn ceir kuriou met autwn). This O.T. phrase ( Exodus 9:3 ; Isaiah 59:1 ) is used by Luke ( Luke 1:66 ; Acts 4:28 Acts 4:30 ; Acts 13:11 ). It was proof of God's approval of their course in preaching the Lord Jesus to Greeks. Turned unto the Lord (epestrepsen epi ton kurion). First aorist active indicative of epistrepw, common verb to turn. The usual expression for Gentiles turning to the true God ( Acts 14:15 ; Acts 15:3 Acts 15:19 ; Acts 26:18 Acts 26:20 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:9 ). Here "Lord" refers to "the Lord Jesus" as in verse Acts 11:20 , though "the hand of the Lord" is the hand of Jehovah, clearly showing that the early disciples put Jesus on a par with Jehovah. His deity was not a late development read back into the early history.