Acts 11:22

Came to the ears (hkousqh ei ta wta). First aorist passive indicative of akouw, was heard in the ears. Of the church which was in Jerusalem (th ekklhsia th en Ierousalhm). Not yet was the term "church" applied to the group of disciples in Antioch as it is in Acts 11:26 ; Acts 13:1 . They sent forth (exapesteilan). First aorist active indicative of the double compound verb ex-apo-stellw, to send out and away. The choice of Barnabas was eminently wise. He already had a position of leadership in Jerusalem because of his generosity ( Acts 4:36 ) and his championship of Saul after his conversion ( Acts 9:27 ). He was originally from Cyprus and probably had personal friends among some of the leaders in this new movement. He was to investigate the work of the travelling preachers (verse Acts 19 ) all the way to Antioch (ew Antioceia).