Acts 12:14

When she knew (epignousa). Second aorist (ingressive) active participle of epiginwskw, to know fully or in addition (epi), to recognize. She knew Peter and his voice from his frequent visits there. For joy (apo th cara). From her joy (ablative case), life-like picture of the maid who left Peter standing outside with the door to the passageway unopened. Note the aorist tenses for quick action (ouk hnoixen), eisdramousa (from eistrecw, defective verb, only here in the N.T.), aphggeilen. Stood (estanai). Second perfect active infinitive of isthmi, intransitive, in indirect assertion with ton Petron (Peter) accusative of general reference. The slave girl acted as if she were a member of the family (Furneaux), but she left Peter in peril.